Media Releases

Stagnant Wages Growth Slowing Further Before Coronavirus

13 May 2020

New ABS data released today confirms that already-stagnant wages growth slowed to a two-year low, even before the worst of the virus outbreak and before the large-scale lockdowns began.

Prime Minister and Treasurer at Odds Over "Snapback"

12 May 2020

Today in Question Time, Scott Morrison claimed he didn’t say the economy would “snap back” after the crisis. Josh Frydenberg says he did.

Deloitte Warns Against "Snapback"

11 May 2020

Deloitte Access Economics’ latest Budget Monitor contains a sobering assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on the Australian economy and budget, with unemployment forecast to remain above pre-crisis levels for years to come.

New Future Fund CEO

08 May 2020

Labor welcomes Dr Raphael Arndt’s appointment as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Future Fund Management Agency from 1 July 2020.

Reserve Bank Doesn't Expect Jobs to "Snapback"

08 May 2020

New forecasts released by the Reserve Bank today highlight the severe economic fallout from the Coronavirus, with unemployment expected to reach double digits and remain elevated for years to come.

Coalition Ministers Fail to Heed Warnings on Super Fraud

07 May 2020

The Government’s failure to heed warnings from Labor and the superannuation industry that there are serious flaws in their early release superannuation program has now cost people thousands of their hard-earned retirement dollars.

Josh Frydenberg Admits JobKeeper is Coming Up Short

06 May 2020

The Treasurer has been forced to concede that the Morrison Government has undershot its own JobKeeper enrolment targets by more than a million workers so far.

Big Hit to Jobs Exposes Holes in JobKeeper Program

05 May 2020

New data today confirms a massive hit to jobs before the rollout of JobKeeper payments, with the biggest job losses in industries that employ a significant number of workers excluded from the program.

Government Must Fix JobKeeper Loophole to Support Thousands of Australian Aviation Workers

04 May 2020

Labor urges the Morrison Government to fix a rule in its JobKeeper program that excludes thousands of Australian workers employed in the aviation sector.

Labor Welcomes Start of JobKeeper - But It's Not Too Late to Make it Better

01 May 2020

Labor welcomes the commencement of the JobKeeper wage subsidy but again calls on the Morrison Government to make the simple changes required to keep more Australians in work and out of the unemployment queues.