Media Releases

Murugappan Family

27 May 2022

Today, in my capacity as interim Minister for Home Affairs, I exercised my power under section 195A of the Migration Act 1958 to intervene in the case of the Murugappan family.

Australians Have Just Suffered The Biggest Real Wage Cut In 20 Years

18 May 2022

With inflation running at 5.1 per cent, today’s data shows that real wages went backwards by 2.7 per cent in the last 12 months. 

Morrison Government Can't Be Believed On The Budget 17/05/22

17 May 2022

As the most wasteful government since Federation, the Liberals can’t be taken seriously on the Budget and the economy.

RBA Interest Rates Decision

03 May 2022

It was hard enough to make ends meet under Scott Morrison and today it got even harder for millions of Australians.

Labor's Plan To Ensure Multinationals Pay Their Fair Share Of Tax

27 April 2022

An Albanese Labor Government will join the growing global efforts of more than 130 countries with responsible measures to ensure multinational companies pay a fairer share of tax.

A Better Future For Loganlea Road

20 April 2022

An Albanese Labor Government will widen Loganlea Road between the Logan Motorway and the Pacific Motorway on-ramp, delivering a faster, safer commute to local families.

PEFO Confirms Real Wages Going Backwards, Costs Of Living Skyrocketing And Australians Falling Behind

20 April 2022

The Pre-Election Economic and Fiscal Outlook (PEFO) released today confirms that the Morrison Government's decade of economic mismanagement has resulted in a budget riddled with waste and rorts and with a trillion dollars in debt with not enough to show for it.  

Answering The Call To Help Keep Our Community Safe

11 April 2022

An Albanese Labor Government will work with Logan City Council to install at least ten new CCTV security cameras across the community and help upgrade local infrastructure to increase the capacity of the local CCTV network.

Chair Of The Foreign Investment Review Board

06 April 2022

Labor notes the appointment of Bruce Miller as Chair of the Foreign Investment Review Board following the very sad passing of the legendary David Irvine.

Falling Real Wages, A Trillion Dollars In Debt, And The Risk Of A Second Wasted Decade

29 March 2022

Nothing in this Budget makes up for a decade of attacks on wages, job security and Medicare.