Media Releases

Generational Debt Without A Generational Dividend

28 June 2021

The 2021 Intergenerational Report details the very long shadow cast by the Coalition’s eight long years of economic mismanagement – an economy that is smaller than expected, growing slower than expected, and leaves Australians saddled with 40 years of debt and deficits, and wages growth that has never been slower.

Government Fell $91 Billion Short of Last Intergenerational Report

24 June 2021

Every Australian is $8,000 worse off because Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg have fallen $91 billion short of their own Government’s economic targets, even before the pandemic.

Morrison and Frydenberg Are Risking The Recovery

02 June 2021

Today’s economic growth numbers are welcome and expected but this recovery, built on the substantial sacrifices of Australians, is put at risk by the Morrison Government’s dangerous failures on vaccinations and quarantine.

Treasury Says JobKeeper Cut Cost 56,000 Jobs

01 June 2021

Around 56,000 Australians who relied on JobKeeper lost their jobs at the end of March after the critical wage subsidy was cut by Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg. 

More Marketing, Mismanagement And Missed Opportunities

11 May 2021

This Budget is yet another marketing exercise that can’t re-brand the mismanagement and missed opportunities that define eight long years of this Liberal-National Government.

Uneven Recovery Defined By More Weak Wages Growth

07 May 2021

In its latest Statement on Monetary Policy, the Reserve Bank has highlighted Australia’s recovery remains uneven, with wages growth still expected to stagnate for the next two years.

Another JobShambles

06 May 2021

Having stuffed up the vaccine rollout, mucked up hotel quarantine, mixed up the cost of JobKeeper by an eyewatering $60 billion, and fluffed up the COVIDSafe app, Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg now appear to have given up on the JobMaker hiring credits.

Northern Australia Kept Waiting On Key Insurance Support

04 May 2021

After almost a decade of inaction, the Morrison’s Government’s belated announcement of a reinsurance pool is a $10 billion apology note to the people of Northern Australia.

Economic And Budget Bounce Despite The Government, Not Because Of It

03 May 2021

In its latest Budget Monitor, Deloitte Access Economics highlights that growth in the economy is patchy, Budget improvements are largely due to factors beyond the Treasurer’s control, and the Morrison Government’s “vaccine schemozzle” is harming Australia’s recovery.

Deloitte: Record Low Wages Growth Set To Worsen

12 April 2021

In its latest Business Outlook, Deloitte Access Economics forecasts Australia’s recovery will be defined by even weaker wages growth and remains hostage to the vaccine rollout and withdrawal of government support.