Media Releases

New Business Assistance Must Include Wage Subsidies for Workers

27 March 2020

Labor will consider the detail of the Morrison Government’s third stimulus package when it is released over the coming days.

Statement on the Second Economic Response to Coronavirus

22 March 2020

Labor is supportive of the Government’s second economic response announced today.

Welcome Relief for Borrowers and Small Business

20 March 2020

Labor welcomes today’s announcement by Australian banks that they will provide much needed relief for borrowers and small business during this challenging time.

Statement on Budget Deferral

20 March 2020

Labor notes the change in the timing for the 2020-21 Budget.

RBA Announcement

19 March 2020

Today the Reserve Bank has cut the cash rate to new record lows and taken a number of extraordinary and welcome steps to support the Australian economy and financial system.

Response by Financial Regulators to Coronavirus

16 March 2020

Labor welcomes today’s news that the Reserve Bank and Australia’s financial regulators are taking coordinated action to support the functioning of markets, and boost credit, liquidity and economic activity during this challenging time.

Business Liaison Announcement

14 March 2020

Of course there should be a Coronavirus Business Liaison Unit in the Federal Treasury.

Statement on Coronavirus Economic Stimulus Package

12 March 2020

Labor is supportive of the Government’s stimulus measures announced this morning.

Confirmed: Growth Was Weak Before the Virus Hit

04 March 2020

The National Accounts confirm that quarterly growth slowed in the December quarter and was below average before the Coronavirus outbreak hit.

New Lows for the Cash Rate and Morrison's Credibility

03 March 2020

Today’s decision by the Reserve Bank to cut the cash rate to 0.5 per cent is a new low for the cash rate and a new low for the Morrison Government’s economic credibility.