Address to the Queensland Investment Showcase, Brisbane

07 October 2022

Thanks very much Treasurer [Cameron Dick] for your generous introduction and for bringing us all together today. 

I was really happy to accept Cameron’s invitation – as a fellow Queenslander, as a colleague, but especially as a friend.

Remarks at the Regional Development Australia Logan & Redlands Summit

29 September 2022

One of the first things I did when I was elected the Member for Rankin - which is the northern end of Logan City and a couple of the southwestern suburbs of Brisbane - was go and see the then-head of the RDA, because I do really appreciate the role that you have played and that you are playing.

Opening remarks, meeting with Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani, Canberra

19 September 2022

Can I begin by acknowledging the elders, customs and traditions of the Ngunnawal, the Ngambri, and all of the First Nations people of Australia.

And by saying what an absolute pleasure it is to welcome you, Minister Sri Mulyani – Ibu Sri – and your colleagues back to Canberra.

Day two closing remarks, Jobs and Skills Summit, Parliament House, Canberra

02 September 2022

I acknowledge, as I think all of the speakers have, the Ngunnawal and the Ngambri people, the elders, customs and traditions.

And I'm proud that First Nations ideas have been such a central part of what we've been discussing the last couple of days.

Day one closing remarks, Jobs and Skills Summit, Parliament House, Canberra

01 September 2022

In the interests of time, I’ll only speak for about 45 minutes if that’s okay. [laughter]

My job is really to wrap today up and so I won’t speak at any great length, but really to say that the progress that we’ve made today, and the contributions that people have made today, have been exactly why we brought you together.

Address to Jobs and Skills Summit, Parliament House, Canberra

01 September 2022

Thanks, PM.

Thank you, Helen.

And thank you, Paul, for your characteristically kind and generous welcome to these Ngunnawal and Ngambri lands – for tens of thousands of years a place to meet and to settle differences.

Address to the Superannuation Lending Roundtable hosted by AFR, Sydney

22 August 2022

I acknowledge the traditional owners and thank Anthony – for the thoughtful introduction, for sponsoring today, and for hosting us at his Sydney home.

Michael, Jon and the AFR – thanks for convening and covering this roundtable each time, but also for the interest you show in super policy more broadly.

Address to India 75th Anniversary of Independence Reception, National Museum of Australia, Canberra

15 August 2022

I acknowledge the country and the elders, customs and traditions of the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people.

In particular, Nin Jannette, thank you for your generous welcome to country.  And to you, Your Excellency [Manpreet Vohra, High Commissioner], for bringing us all together, for hosting us, and for the introduction.

Ministerial Statement on the Economy

28 July 2022

Australians are overwhelmingly optimistic and confident people.

Our optimism, and that confidence, is well‑founded – because it rests on our ability to navigate difficult times together, and emerge stronger.

Second Reading Speech, Treasury Laws Amendment (Electric Car Discount) Bill 2022

27 July 2022

I'm really excited to be introducing this bill today, and particularly to follow the Minister for Climate Change, having just presented some of the broader climate change bills to the Parliament.

The introduction today of those bills by the Minister, as well this Electric Car Discount Bill today, sends an unmistakable signal to this Parliament, to Australian industry and to the Australian people and beyond, that Australia now has a government which understands the economics of cleaner and cheaper and more reliable energy, and recognises the generational imperative that we have to act on climate change.