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Turnbull's NBN vision has no future in sight

September 01, 2014

When electricity was first reticulated in the north-eastern United States in the 1880s, its primary application was street lighting. Doubters at the time argued against the investment of what would today be many billions of dollars in a lighting network.

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By following the US, Australia consigns future generations to social immobility

August 22, 2014

Among Joe Hockey’s many mistakes, the most damaging may be his pursuit of American-style job outcomes and intergenerational stagnation here in Australia.

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Second Generation of Success

July 21, 2014

​During a recent meeting at my local Khmer Buddhist Temple, a visiting senior Asian politician recounted to me a joke that got me thinking: what’s the difference between a migrant taxi driver and a university professor? The answer: one generation.

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Budgeting for Inequality

June 12, 2014

Joe Hockey’s speech this week shows the Budget will make Australia less equal, not by accident but by design, argues Jim Chalmers.

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Tony Abbott's austerity-like measures will hit poorer communities the hardest

January 23, 2014

The extreme budget cuts put forward by the Abbott government will hit communities like mine especially hard, greatly heightening the risk of future rising joblessness.

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3D printing: not yet a new industrial revolution, but its impact will be huge

December 11, 2013

When music was a physical item – a vinyl record, a tape or a CD – ownership could be verified and quality could be assured. In the last decade, music progressively morphed into little more than a file which can be easily shared and edited. 

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