Interview with Karl Stefanovic, Today Show, Channel 9 06/09/23

06 September 2023

Subjects: Qantas, Qatar Airways decision, National Accounts, RBA rates decision, cost-of-living relief, economy

Doorstop interview, Canberra 06/09/23

06 September 2023

Subject: Third consecutive interest rate pause, National Accounts, Qantas, Qatar Airways decision, Greens threats to block changes to super, The Voice referendum, Peter Dutton’s policy to have two referendums

Press conference, Brisbane 30/08/23

30 August 2023

Subject: The Voice referendum on October 14, monthly inflation data, upcoming interest rates decision, Qatar Airways decision

Interview with Andrew Clennell, Sunday Agenda, Sky News 27/08/23

27 August 2023

Subjects: Intergenerational Report, NDIS, China’s economy, monthly inflation figures, Ken Henry comments on young people, Treasurer’s National Press Club address, industrial relations reforms, housing affordability

Interview with Patricia Karvelas, RN Breakfast, ABC 25/08/23

25 August 2023

Subjects: Intergenerational report, tax, savings in the budget, Chinese economy, Qantas profits, Qatar Airways flights

Interview with Rafael Epstein, ABC Drive, Melbourne 24/08/23

24 August 2023

Subjects: Intergenerational Report, tax, superannuation, migration, climate change

National Press Club address, Q&A 24/08/23

24 August 2023

Subjects: Intergenerational Report, climate change, electric vehicles, tax, productivity, Employment White Paper, ASIC, AIIB, education, tax reform, participation, pension age, reform, competition, superannuation

Press conference, Blue Room, Canberra 26/07/23

24 July 2023

Subjects: G20 meetings in India, global economy, inflation, cost-of-living relief, jobs, surplus, new Productivity Commission chair, RBA Review, housing, Voice campaign, China’s economy, foreign investment, Labor support in Western Australia and Queensland, Commonwealth Games, carbon price

Doorstop interview, Crestmead, Queensland

21 July 2023

Subjects: Matildas win, Measuring What Matters, economy, cost-of-living relief, jobs, full employment, Employment White Paper

Interview with Patricia Karvelas, RN Breakfast, ABC 21/07/23

21 July 2023

Subjects: employment figures, economy, interest rates, full employment, Employment White Paper, inflation, supply side issues, Measuring What Matters, cost‑of‑living relief, Commonwealth Games, consultants and contractors in the public service