Opinion Pieces

A Deeper Disillusionment

29 September 2016

Originally published by the Labor Herald.

Let’s not stuff around: politics has gone mad. ‘The Donald’ toyed with inviting Gennifer Flowers to the presidential debate.  Jeremy Corbyn increased his internal majority in British Labour, despite probably having next to no chance of winning an election.

Australia Cannot Afford to Miss the 'Blockchain' Revolution

24 March 2016

Originally published by ABC's the Drum. 

The Prime Minister has, for all intents and purposes, pulled the trigger for this year's federal election. But while those of us in the political world prepare to contest a federal election, our Olympians and Paralympians are preparing for Rio.

G20: Missing in Action on Trade

07 March 2016

Originally published on the Lowey Interpreter. 

Last month’s Shanghai meeting gave more ammunition to critics of the Group of 20. Its meagre outcomes bolstered the argument that while the G20 was extraordinarily successful in spurring the decisive and coordinated international action necessary to survive the global financial crisis, its post-crisis role is much diminished.

There's Nothing Super about Lowering Superannuation Penalties

03 February 2016

Originally published by Huffington Post.

Are you one of the 690,000 or so Australians who weren't paid superannuation correctly last year? Most of us can depend on our employers to do the right thing and contribute quarterly to our retirement savings, but if you're the one in 15 Australian workers, you might be missing out.

Making a Real Choice on Superannuation

25 January 2016

Originally published in the Australian. 

Choice in the superannuation system is one thing, but we have to be careful about who is doing the choosing.

Three Ways to Supercharge our Super System

02 November 2015

Originally published in the Labor Herald.

We got another taste of the critical relationship we have with our big banks as they recently jacked up their mortgage interest rates. But like them or not, banks and the broader financial system are a crucial part of our everyday lives.

Service Exports Key to China

19 October 2015

Originally published in the Australian Financial Review. Written with Clare O'Neill. 

Earlier this year, we asked a group of Sydney bankers whether exporting financial services to China was part of their growth strategy. Their laughter was enough to reveal that without language expertise, regulatory networks and deep cultural understanding, they considered the China opportunity just too murky, complex and risky.

Time For a Flag of Our Own?

22 September 2015

Originally published by Huffington Post.

There’s no enduring flaw in our nation that says we’re incapable of imagining – in time, in our way – a flag that is instantly recognized as ours at home and around the world. 

Austalgia: Homesickness for the Past

18 September 2015

Originally published in Meanjin Volume 74 Number 3.

I grew up in Logan City to the south of Brisbane. In my twenties I travelled back and forth to Canberra for work. There I learned a bit about being homesick. I got through it, but I knew people who really struggled to succeed in their endeavours because they just wanted so badly to be back home.

Where's the Plan to Confront Technological Change?

09 March 2015

Originally published on ABC's The Drum.

In economic debate, people rarely use the term "Luddite" as a compliment.  If anything the mention of Luddism or neo-Luddism is a kind of economic Godwin's Law, casting the prospect of any kind of reasonable debate out the window.