01 December 2023

Subject: Council on Federal Financial Relations meeting

Doorstop interview, Brisbane

Subject: Council on Federal Financial Relations meeting


I'm looking forward to a discussion with the state and territory treasurers to help frame up some of the issues for National Cabinet. Our instinct, our inclination is to work with the states and territories as constructively as we can, where that's possible, where that's affordable and where that's responsible.

The states and territories have done really well out of the Albanese government and we're proud of that, because it means we're trying as best we can to deliver for the people that we jointly represent. We do recognise the pressures on some state budgets and territory budgets, and we ask our colleagues to recognise the pressure on the Commonwealth's budget as well. It's not unprecedented, it's not surprising, it's not especially troubling that states and territories would like more money from the Commonwealth ‑ that's a story as old as Federation itself. We will continue to work with people in the usual considered and collaborative way and we'll try and do the best that we can for the Australian people wherever they may live in the Commonwealth.

So this is a really important opportunity to frame up those issues for National Cabinet next week. I work in a considerate and collaborative way with my colleagues and counterparts in the states and territories. I take seriously their views, and I ask them to take seriously the pressures - not just on some of our budgets, but on all of our budgets. Thanks very much.