Speech in Memorial of Patricia Ferry

16 July 2014

Dr CHALMERS (Rankin) (13:45):  I rise to mark the life and contribution of Patricia Ferry, who was the President of the Logan Branch of the Australian Pensioners and Superannuants League and who lived in my electorate. Pat's recent passing was such a big loss for our community. We lost someone with an incredible commitment to representing pensioners and superannuants but, beyond that as well, a really big commitment to the people of our area.

The league meets on a Friday each month over at the library at Woodridge a couple of doors up from my office. One of the things I most looked forward to was catching up with Pat before the meeting over a cup of tea and some fruit cake baked by one of the members.  Hers was a very interesting life. Her mind was inquisitive, her conversational abilities were impeccable and her humour was sharp. These are the things her friends will miss. The Pensioners and Superannuants League will miss her skilful chairing of meetings and the fair-minded way she went about dealing with people, including their new federal MP.

I never talked partisan politics with Pat and I do not know how she voted, but her driving concern was for the welfare of others. I am sure it was that concern and not any political motivation that drove her to speak out against policies like the new GP tax, like she did in the weeks before her passing.

To her family, including her daughter Barbara, who relayed the sad news to us, we send our thoughts and condolences. Perhaps there is no better thing to say about someone than that they looked out for other people and looked after other people. We can say that about Pat Ferry. May she rest in peace