Lesley Chenoweth AO - an inspired choice and an inspirational person

15 June 2015

Dr CHALMERS (Rankin) (13:36):  Lesley Chenoweth is a professor of social work, she is the head of the Logan campus of Griffith University and she is an extraordinary contributor to our local community. And now Lesley Chenoweth is also an Officer of the Order of Australia.

What an inspired choice and what an inspirational person! Her citation for this great honour was for her distinguished service to higher education, particularly social work, as an academic and administrator, and as a leading supporter of people with disabilities.

I have spoken before in this place about the pride that I have in representing the Logan campus of Griffith University. Lesley, who runs that campus, and all of her colleagues throughout that campus of Griffith University are tremendous people who are widening and broadening access to higher education in our community.

I come across people all the time who tell me that they would not have graduated without the extra effort that goes in on that campus in our community. It speaks volumes about Lesley that she was stunned that she was nominated for the award. It comes as no surprise to any of us who work with her in the community, and around the country, the contribution that she makes to our place. She leads a special team. She contributes an extraordinary amount. It is a wonderful thing. We say to Lesley: congratulations on such a well-deserved honour. We are proud of you and we love working with you.