Abbott's broken promises

25 June 2015

Dr CHALMERS (Rankin) (13:50):  I associate myself with the remarks made by the member for Leichhardt. Suicide is an important issue in our community, as are some of the issues raised by my colleagues today. Whether it be jobs, wages, the deficit or treatment of women in our society, it is impossible to come to any judgement of this Abbott government other than that it is a failure.

Those of us who are present on this side of the House have something in common—that is, before the member for Wakefield joined us—and that is: we were all elected at the last election. We are all new MPs. In the time that we have been here we have seen promise after promise broken—promises to pensioners, the aged, the sick, the frail, teachers, kids and parents. Promises to manufacturing workers right around our community have been broken. One promise after another has been broken. We have witnessed a trajectory for the government from real solutions to a real mess. The reason they are in a real mess is really flowing from the two budgets that they have had. The first one was an awful budget. The second one was the same, with a dodgy coat of paint.

I want to pick up on an issue that the members for Scullin and Lalor spoke about, and that is trust. One of the reasons that trust has broken down in our community is because those opposite speak with a forked tongue when it comes to bipartisanship and when it comes to working together on national security. They are so desperate for division. The immigration minister and the Prime Minister are desperate to divide this country when this country needs unity, particularly when it comes to the big challenges around national security. We are about to see question time. We will see from the immigration minister and the Prime Minister a desperate grasping for division in our community. Australia is better than that. Our side of the parliament is better than that, and we want to work to solve the problems in this community, not make them worse.