Turnbull Government's backbench revolt on Life Insurance

04 March 2016

Today, another instalment in the Abbott-Turnbull Government’s economic policy shambles was revealed in the debate on the Life Insurance Remuneration Framework.

We can now add life insurance to the long and growing list of economic policy issues that this Government is at war with itself over. 

Bert Van Manen, the LNP Member for Forde and Chair of the Government’s Tax and Revenue Committee, delivered a scathing speech in opposition to Kelly O'Dwyer's life insurance reforms, culminating in Mr Van Manen’s declaration that:

“It disappoints me to say that I cannot support this bill”

Assistant Treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer didn’t even face the House as her colleague savaged her legislation nor has she responded to his public opposition. 

It has been a horrific gaffe-filled couple of weeks for Kelly O'Dwyer. 

With every new humiliation this Assistant Treasurer is proving herself a key part of the economic policy shambles presided over by the Prime Minister and Treasurer and contaminating the Government.