Supporting Australia's Paralympians

20 June 2016

Labor offers our support and congratulations to all of Australia’s gifted athletes making the exciting journey to the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.

It is the culmination of hard work, resilience, and above all else – commitment – to make it to the starting line in Rio.

It is no easy journey to make it to the pinnacle of a sport – and our Paralympians will have all faced particularly unique challenges.

Every single one of the record 170 athletes competing at the Games will have the support, respect and encouragement of the entire nation when they compete.          

The success of the Paralympics also puts an important spotlight on inclusion in our society and advocating for greater support for people living with disability in Australia and around the world.

Labor recognises the families, carers, coaches, schools, medical teams and supporters of every Paralympic contender.

Behind every athlete is an immense support network providing advice, encouragement and love.

In particular, parents of children with disability, who work to ensure their children are given the same opportunities as any other child – this is their journey as well.

Labor also congratulates the Australian Paralympic Committee whose efforts to forge partnerships with government, business, sporting organisations and disability groups, help prepare the Australian Paralympic Teams.

Importantly they help change community attitudes towards people with disability. The reach and impact of their Paralympic Education Program is testament to their commitment and the values they embody.

Labor looks forward to continuing our celebration and recognition of the Australian Paralympic Team as they represent our nation in Rio this year.