Slo-Mo gets it wrong on super, again

15 March 2016

Today’s Question Time revealed once again that the Treasurer doesn't have a clue about key issues in his portfolio.

In an answer to a question today, the Treasurer, practically hyperventilating, accused Labor of opposing choice of superannuation fund for workers:

“In fact, those opposite oppose choice in superannuation, Mr Speaker. Those opposite oppose someone in their own employment, in cases, choosing their own fund into which superannuation will go, Mr Speaker.”

It hasn't dawned on poor SloMo that the Shadow Treasurer, Chris Bowen, said very clearly in our response to the Financial System Inquiry last October:

“In principle, more choice is a good thing, we're happy to have a look at the Government's detailed proposals and talk to the superannuation sector.”

Or that I wrote in The Australian in January this year that:

“I believe workers are best placed to determine which fund is right for their retirement savings, if they want to.”

Scott Morrison just can’t keep up with the basic facts at the heart of key economic policy-making which he is supposed to have responsibility for.

While the Treasurer can’t even get the facts straight, Labor will continue to fill the policy void left by the Government, by being the only party with a clear and costed plan for a fairer superannuation system.