Government should release O'Farrell Sports Gambling Report

01 February 2016

Labor is disappointed to see further allegations of match-fixing and inappropriate conduct at the highest level of our national sports, as reported on ABC’s Four Corners tonight.

The Government should release the full Report of the O’Farrell Inquiry into Illegal Offshore Wagering for the community to consider its recommendations.

Labor also reiterates calls for the Government to urgently convene a meeting of the major sports and state and federal authorities to see where efforts to prevent match-fixing in sport can be better coordinated.

Substantial effort goes into combating bad behaviour but reports like these show we can always do more to boost confidence in the integrity of sport.

We are willing to work in a spirit of bipartisanship with the Government to remove this cloud of match-fixing from our sporting codes.

Fans have the right to expect a fair game in sport, without dodgy players manipulating outcomes.

When in Government, Labor took this issue very seriously and set up the National Integrity in Sport Unit and came to an agreement between the states on a National Policy on Match-Fixing.

Governments and sporting organisations across the country need to ramp up their efforts to prevent this behaviour and must set nothing but the highest standards of sporting integrity.