Government's latest attack on super for working people

21 February 2016

Labor is very disturbed and disappointed by reports this morning that the Turnbull Government is considering abandoning compulsory superannuation for some Australian workers.

This would be an attack on the very foundations of superannuation by a Prime Minister who says he believes in super while he and his Ministers undermine it.

Having been exposed this week as completely devoid of a plan or policy, they revert to form and think of ways to deny lower income Australians a dignified retirement.

Not content with having hacked away at the Low Income Super Contribution and freezing the Superannuation Guarantee, they come up with another harebrained idea.

Claiming this would help low income earners avoid $500 in tax is an insult, given this is the Government which re-introduced the tax by abolishing the LISC.

After two-and-a-half years of missteps and mistakes, it is now long past time for the Government to lay out their plans for superannuation.

The Liberals have never genuinely believed in superannuation for people on modest incomes and here’s the proof.

They know they want to destroy super for working Australians, they just haven’t worked out how to do it yet.

Labor has had our plans for fairer super on the table for almost a year while the Government fails to give Australians the clarity they need and deserve.